Our Initiatives

Launch Asia Ministries intiatives reflect a deep-rooted belief that the ultimate purpose for all people is to embrace the teachings and person of Lord Jesus Christ, leading to eternal salvation.

Food Kit Distribution

Launch Asia Ministries recognizes food access as a fundamental human right crucial for well-being. Distributing food bags directly meets the immediate needs of vulnerable individuals and families.

Pastors Conferences

Launch Asia Ministries adopts a transformative approach to equip pastors with the Gospel, promote church planting, instill discipleship, and facilitate the multiplication of small churches.

Tarp Distribution

After natural disasters such as floods, numerous lives are disrupted, leaving individuals without homes. Guided by Christ's love, our tarp distribution provides shelter for families during challenging times.

Water Relief

In various regions, the shortage of clean water remains a significant issue affecting numerous individuals. Our goal is to symbolize Christ as our Living Water by providing clean water.

Blanket Distribution

Comfort and Relief Initiative: LaunchAsia's blanket distribution showcases its dedication to enhancing the lives of the most vulnerable. Recognizing the impact of adverse weather, the organization understands that a simple blanket can offer crucial comfort, protection, and relief to individuals without stable housing or proper shelter.


Launch Asia Ministries is dedicated to evangelism, viewing it as the vital approach to reach individuals from diverse backgrounds, introducing them to the transformative message of Christianity.

Urban Millennial Outreach

Our goal is to promote the Christian gospel among Indian urban millennials and establish a Christian Institute for imparting worldview education. The vision is to transform India into a society with a Christian foundation through Christ-centered worldview education, leadership training, church planting, and discipleship.

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